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Tutoring Service for Vietnamese Learners

For some of you guys come here from the post “Native content for Vietnamese learners”, I hope that you found the links helpful.

I am also glad to provide a tutoring service for all of you who want to improve Vietnamese skills.

Whether you just begin your learning journey or you are at an advanced level, we can discuss and find a best way for you to learn.

My philosophy of learning is that student should be the center of the class. Through an open mind, daring to set goals and asking a lot of questions you will learn fast.  (You can also have a look at my thought about How to learn a language effectively here:

Being a language learner, I understand the difficulty of learning a new language, especially a language that has a different pronunciation system. I have also taught Vietnamese to an American for the last 8 months, that period of time gave me some precious experiences.


  • First 1 hour (trial): free
  • Face to face lessons in Ho Chi Minh City (my hometown): $8/ hour
  • Skype lessons $6/ hour

If you have a tight budget, we can discuss for a more suitable payment.

You can pay me via paypal.

If you have any questions or if you need help, feel free to send me an email to

face to face



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