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The Speed of Language

Ever wondered why some languages sound like they’re spoken much faster than others? Japanese sounds faster than German, Spanish certainly sounds faster than English. Yes, if you watch a dubbed foreign movie, the translated dialogue matches with the original exactly – even seemingly to the actors’ mouth movement. What’s up with that?

The Speed of Language

by sofyay.


    • jack

      I think density means how many words/sllyables it takes to say something. So for example it might take 15 words in english to say something , but when translated to Mandarin it might onlt take 7 words so we say Mandarin is more dense than english because it takes less words to say the same thing. So to conclude, mandarin is denser than english because 2 english words/syllables may be equal to one mandarin word/syllables!

      My figures are not true and were simply something i thought off as i went along just for the purpose of an example:)

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