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Rocket Languages Review

Languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, American Sign Language; English courses for speakers of Spanish and Japanese.

Format: online learning with audio instructions, exercises, games, etc.

Price: $90 for level 1, $390 for all 3 levels.


The primary reason I write about Rocket Languages is that when creating this website, I read a lot of reviews about language programs. In those reviews, I was surprised to see that many people wrote about Rocket Languages and most praised it. In fact, a Google search for “Rocket Languages review” returns 140,000 results, while a search for “Michel Thomas review” or “Pimsleur review” returns only around 10,000 results.

A lot of reviews for Rocket

143,000 results for “Rocket Languages Review”

I thought that was weird because I did not see any experienced/ effective learner who talked about the program.

So I did some searches and find the reason is that Rocket Languages has a commission of 75% for people who advertise it. That is unusually high, most companies pay only 4% or 5%, few pay 15%. Imagine a customer click on a link in a Rocket Languages review and then pays $100 for a course, the Rocket company will pay for the review author about $65 (after tax, transaction fee, etc)!

Is Rocket Languages Good? A look at the affiliate commission rate

(This is a screenshot I took from Rocket’s website in 2014)

Rocket Languages gives its affiliates an unusual high commission rate: 75%

The commission drives people to be dishonest when writing the review. They only want the money from the readers. (There are still some people who are honest when writing about Rocket Languages and I really appreciate their work)

So please be careful when reading those reviews about Rocket Languages.

My experience with Rocket Languages

I tried Rocket for a couple of days (using a trial account).

Rocket Languages has a simple and clear structure of teaching. All learning activities in a lesson are centered on the audio instruction. In the audio, a dialogue in the target language is introduced first then the instructors will explain the language used. The audio is followed by exercises and games which intend to reinforce what you have learned in the audio. There are also lessons about the culture and grammar.

I see that Rocket Languages has a well-designed website. The structures of their lessons are clear. However, there is a lot of English and not so much target language voice in the audio. Their instructing method is not something special and patented like those unique methods used in Pimsleur, Michel Thomas or Duolingo. I am not sure if we can retain the phrases taught and use them in conversations.

About the overall quality of the teaching, I cannot judge because I only have access to the first couple of lessons.

In addition, I had to register a trial account with my email address. Since that day, I received numerous emails from them. Even when I unsubscribed, they still sent me spam emails which invite me to buy the course.

Experienced learners’ opinion about the program is the most trusted forum on language learning methods. I usually browse this site to look for reviews about language programs. I don’t see much interest from the forum members about this program.

For instance, a thread asked “What is your favorite language program?” In the replies, there are only 4 votes for Rocket Languages, compared with 52 votes for Pimsleur and 61 votes for Assimil (highest number of votes).

In other blogs of polyglots and linguists, I rarely see opinions about Rocket Languages.

Final words

I did not use the program for a long enough time and did not find many reliable reviews on Rocket languages, so I cannot write a complete review about the program.

I think that rather than wander with this guy, it is better to use an effective and proven program such as Pimsleur, Michel Thomas, or Assimil, or, if you want a free program, there is Duolingo.

2017 update: Rocket’s affiliate commission rate is 70%.

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A Vietnamese. An English Learner. A Language Lover. I enjoy learning languages. I believe that self-study can be a lot more effective than class study (if you learn in an effective way) My favorite quote: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.” - Aristotle *To write the content for this website, besides my own experience in language learning, I collected and synthesized the experiences of other highly effective language learners.


  1. Clyde

    Not only that, but their website is very script-heavy, buggy and it has serious security issues :P Once I was using one of my fake test accounts and suddenly, after some random click, I FOUND MYSELF ON ANOTHER ACCOUNT, AND ANOTHER LANGUAGE! (the one I tried from a different fake account several days earlier).

    When I contacted their live helpdesk, they said that it’s probably that a person using that computer before me has not logged out from their account. Year, sure, but I was logged in to a different account already, so the previous session should be invalid anyway! :P I told them that they should also invalidate the session after some idle time, but they replied that they cannot do that if a person marked the “Remember me” checkbox when logging in. Yeah, but the checkbox is marked by default, so the user could simply used this option by accident. But still, this shouldn’t matter at all, since I logged in to a different account altogether and their session should be invalid anyway :P

    They didn’t comment on that, but asked me to log out from that account and log in again into my own account. Which I did, and everything looked OK this time… except that when I checked out the live chat again FROM A DIFFERENT ACCOUNT, it turned out that THE ENTIRE PREVIOUS CONVERSATION IS STILL THERE! :P I could even continue that conversation with the helpdesk, with the same person, and I told them that their security suck royally. And guess what: THEY SIMPLY DOWNPLAYED IT!

    So yeah, if you think on using Rocket Languages, then DON’T. Especially from your own e-mail address. And don’t even think about paying them any money, because it might be that several other people will be enjoying your premium account together with you because of these security holes :P

  2. I must say it was hard to find your blog in google. You write great articles
    but you should rank your website higher in search engines.
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  3. Jason

    Thanks for writing this honest article. The head people at Rocket Languages are a bunch of sleezy scumbags. Even though the course is decent, I would rather spend my money purchasing from a professional company.

  4. ian

    I have tried several language learning programmes in French. I completed my golden tree in duolingo and have kept it golden more or less for a year now. I also completed Duolingo.
    My experience is this: I think that Rocket French is excellent. And no I am not affiliated with them in any way shape or form.

    Duolingo’s voice recognition is too loose and does not pick up on any major flaws.
    Rocket French voice recognition types back what the programme hears, and is helping me overcome major flaws in pronunciation that duolingo was quite happy for me to continue on with.
    To me it is a fully integrated programme: Listening writing speaking etc etc.
    I am using it in conjunction with Kwiziq which is also an excellent programme for building an understanding for Grammer – but it does not give you the speech or listening aspect.
    To me it is worth every cent and is a bargain since once purchased it is yours forever. There is an absolutely huge amount of material in the programme that will keep you going for years.
    I have been using it for about 1 month.
    I do not know how the reviewer could possibly have got an accurate understanding of the programme or assessed it properly after just a couple of days. I cannot comment on what their affiliate commission is or how they structure their business, but having studied french solidly for 2 years plus I can say that personally I believe the claims of other reviewers that it is the best product out there.

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