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Languages taught: English, German, Russian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, and Swedish. has the largest online library for language learning materials. All the materials are 100% free to use and download.

  • Thousands of pages of reading materials.
  • Hundreds of hours of listening materials
  • Hundreds of videos
  • Hundreds of language lessons

These are high quality materials. They are organized based on the learner’s levels, content topics, etc. It’s easy to find what we need.



In addition, has some paid functions. These functions help language learners to use the website’s resources more effectively.

You can read a detailed review about all LingQ functions here.

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A Vietnamese. An English Learner. A Language Lover. I enjoy learning languages. I believe that self-study can be a lot more effective than class study (if you learn in an effective way) My favorite quote: “Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution.” - Aristotle *To write the content for this website, besides my own experience in language learning, I collected and synthesized the experiences of other highly effective language learners.

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