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Monolingual Vs. Bilingual

Is it better to speak one language or two – or even several? Find out where you stand. Bilinguals lead the way in international business, creativity, problem-solving, and in some cases even health. But monolinguals do have that larger vocabulary and faster retrieval, which can… Read more

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Native content for Vietnamese learners

Information about the country Newspapers/ Magazines Personal blogs Songs Books/ booklists Movies Quotes websites Vietnamese language video teaching series for Vietnamese children Popular forums Popular TV shows/ podcasts – watch online Radios on the internet Online bookstores – where you can buy Vietnamese books Website… Read more

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The Speed of Language

Ever wondered why some languages sound like they’re spoken much faster than others? Japanese sounds faster than German, Spanish certainly sounds faster than English. Yes, if you watch a dubbed foreign movie, the translated dialogue matches with the original exactly – even seemingly to the actors’ mouth movement. What’s up with that?

The Speed of Language

by sofyay.

Rocket languages effectiveness
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Rocket Languages Review

Languages: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, American Sign Language; English courses for speakers of Spanish and Japanese. Format: online learning with audio instructions, exercises, games, etc. Price: $90 for level 1, $390 for all 3 levels.   The primary… Read more

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Languages taught: English, German, Russian, French, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, and Swedish. has the largest online library for language learning materials. All the materials are 100% free to use and download. Thousands of pages of reading materials. Hundreds of hours of listening materials… Read more

Foreign service institute language book
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Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Language Program Review

Languages: 40+ languages, including popular languages like French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Thai, Hebrew, Hindi, Swahili, etc. and many rarely spoken languages. Format: audio-based teaching with textbook. Download audio & PDF textbook for free from: I OVERVIEW A thread from forum started… Read more